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"........I like Indigo"


Green Jordan Miller| (6) | Male

Username: MamaRia

Height: 3'6"
Weight: 35 lbs
Birthday: Spring 3, 1060
Eyes: Green with a yellow tint.
Hair: Green, a mess about his face.
Skin: Pale
Scars/Markings: Birthmark on right buttcheek
Ethnicity: Unovan
Clothing: Green and white shirt several sizes too long, scarf, baggy pants.
Health Issues: None
Key items: --


Life Style
Religion: None atm
Profession: Child
Languages: Unovan
Skills: Can climb trees, sort of.
Flaws: Shy.
School: Enrolled at Aurelia Elementary

Roll Bonuses and Hinders
To be done when he reaches age 15

Personality: Green is a shy boy. He tends to hide behind Indigo and whine when people try talking to him. It takes time for him to even muster a hello. He likes bugs and gardening, because they're quiet and its usually nice outside.

Ambitions: "....I like bugs?"

Flaws: Crippling shyness, no self esteem, cries often.

Quirks: Likes bugs and tea. All he's got so far.

Education: Average student at Aurelia Elementary

Biography: Green has no parents. He was placed at a firehouse in Unova shortly after birth, and he was then given to an orphanage. The orphanage matron was not a creative woman, and named him Green due to his hair. The orphanage was crowded and rough, but he found a boy his age to hide behind, a boy who shared a similar sort of name, Indigo. When the orphanage got cited for being too crowded, the kids were shipped to other regions. Indigo and Green went together to Toro with just each other and one pixelmon each. Green had a gentle little caterpie.

Still just a tiny baby, only has one.

Species: Caterpie
Nickname: Bebe
Gender: Female
Spoiler: show
He found Bebe by placing crumbs on a windowsill back in Unova. The caterpie visited every day for crumbs, and eventually decided to stay with the young child. He was placed into a pixelball before coming to Toro for safer transit. They are often found crawling along Green's shoulder or in his hair. Green doesn't seem to mind.

Spoiler: show
More shy bab

Even mroe shy bab

Green that is not a hat, stop.
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