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❧Age: 19
❧Birthday: Summer 16
❧Gender: Male
❧Status: Single
❧Height: 6' 0"
❧Weight: 175 lbs
❧Hair: Golden-Blonde
❧Skin: Mocha
❧Eyes: Hazel
Spoiler: show
Roll Bonuses and Penalties:
Strength: 0
He maintains his physique to a perfect average so he's never inept to handle a situation.
Agility: 0
He tries hard to make himself extra medium, in a sense, physically
Subtlety: -1
It's not hard to miss a young man with hair lighter than his skin, a relentless cheeky grin, and a unique fashion sense like his own.
Intelligence: 1
A well read and studious kid, January prides himself on his intelligence most of all.
Stamina: 0
He's actually abnormally normal...

❧Gender: Male
❧Nature: ???
Spoiler: show
Cubone, being frequently spotted in Lavender Town, are often adopted and taken as pets. This was the very case of January and his Cubone. January was given his first pixelmon at the humble age of ten, and like any usual resident of Lavender Town would, he named his pixelmon, composed entirely of skin (scales?), bones (BONES???), and miscellaneous cartilaginous materials: Fluffy. Fluffy accompanied January almost everywhere he went, to school, to the library, and to recreational buildings for "fun". And January did have "fun" with Fluffy. The cubone also aided January, for it would battle any Gastly it could. Unfortunately, most Gastly are impervious to most Ground and Normal attacks, which was the entirety of Fluffy's movepool, so it would frequently lose to the Ghost-types.

❧Parents: A mother. And a father. Like anybody else.
❧Siblings: None
❧Children: None
❧Extended Family: Probably.
Spoiler: show
In the middle of summer, about... how old is our character? About that many years ago. Our character's story begins in the little Town of Lavender, a town many know for it's quirks and kinks. A person and another person had just delivered a child with rich brown skin and whispy, light locks. So, like any normal parent would in the middle of Summer, they named their child January. January was raised a studious child, in no part to his parents. His parents mainly sat back and let Lavender Town itself raise their child, as was customary.

January loved going to the Library. Although, he wasn’t too fond of the Librarians. They were terribly restrictive for a special kid like Jeremy, and he found them bossy and particularly imparticular. He mainly did his own thing, however. There was a world of books ahead of him! He absorbed information about Pixelmon, and Medicine, and Bowling, but his favorite information to absorb was completely, for the most part, fictitious. His favorite completely, partially fictitious stories were old books that contained legends of the town. Now, one could blame his love of these ghost stories on his amaranthine environment, but January would be completely the same if he wasn’t in Lavender Town. However, January could never possibly live in any other town besides his violaceous town, as he would always be pulled right back into the town.

Despite the fact that he loved studying, he had always found school particularly difficult. Not because he wasn’t good at his studies, but because he wasn’t very good at his socials. He was often left out and picked last at kickball, so he took to being an observer. When he was younger, he’d observe when the girls he sat with would whisper and point to him. He knew what it meant. He didn’t particularly care. Neither did anyone. Everyone knew in Lavender Town that what happened at school didn’t matter.

Everyone knew about Lavender Town Radio Tower. How it used to be the infamous gravesite for lost Pixelmon. How it was filled with the spirits of the deceased companions of trainers from across the regions. Unfortunately, this is what caused Lavender Town to be so terrible before January was born. Not because of the spirits, but because of the worse thing they attracted: tourists. Not wanting to become a tourist trap of a city, Lavender Town remodeled the Pixelmon Tower into the Kanto Radio Tower. This is where January spent the latter days of his time in Lavender Town. He had an internship at a local news channel on the radio. He wasn’t initially getting the job for what was on the itinerary, but for the building itself. He was excited to see some ghosts! But unfortunately, every seemingly paranormal encounter he was about to have was not a real ghost, just a Gastly. Gastly are Ghastly cre—
No. Screw this. Gastly suck. They’re giant assholes and everyone in Lavender Town(Purple and Bold) hate them. They’re pests. Even besides that, Steve from 8th grade had one and would always challenge January to a Pixelmon Battle, which January didn’t care about even! Steve knew January only had a Cubone with ground and normal-type attacks but Steve would still beat up the poor Cubone and Gastly are dumb and just balls of stupid gas and- Well. January hates Ghastly.

January’s internship was a grueling and generally bad experience, and he loved it! He loved going and getting coffee and collecting sharp shards of a swirling purple stone and pledging various body parts to mysterious, powerful pixelmon. And getting coffee! Eventually January was able to get a weekly spot on the show, and from there his budding passion for Radio blossomed. He sometimes got to tell of mysterious white hands or eerie tunes that play on the darkest nights when the wind is howling just right. However, it was usually just more of the same. This and that, another kid lost in the graveyard or another Haunter-related abduction. You know, a normal tuesday night. But that might have January’s favorite part about Lavender Town:

E̥̬̻̪͌v̝̝̮̮̰͔e͚ͫ̄́͂r̬̜̱̯̘̃͐y͐t̖̗h̲̜͛ͨ̄̈́̈̓i̪ͭͤ́͒̆͐̃n̥͚̜̦̬͈ͥ͗̾ͪ̚ͅg̈́̊̂͒͗ͧ́ ̙̞ͬ̅̔̈̀̚i͓̼̯ͬ̔n͖̗̝̦̪̈́ͭ̔̈́ͭ̈́̚ ̳͙̂̊̂̑͒͂L̦̘̮̟̞̇̄̚ǎ̮̲̲̃͋͛͗ͥ̍v̲͎͙̻̲͚̀͒͑ͅē̲̃͗̑͊̚n̗̣̠̗̯ͮͥ̓̇ͅd̥͖̤͚̱è͓̣̳̞̙̰̌̊̊̅ͫͅr͉̖͉͇̫͈̒ͣ͗̓ͤͪ ̮͚͚̭͚̾Ṱ́̂̿̈́͛o̬͉̮ͅw̫̹̪͓͒ͪ̎͂ͬ͑̇n̰͓̣̠̙̲͋̒̇ͤͪ̎ͣ ̤͙ͧ̓̽i̳͈̩̝͌̒s͎̳͍̲͉̊ ͔͚̟c͎̫͔̻̤̽̍͛ͥͥͨͅo̫͈̳͓ͮ̐̾ͩm̘̔̋ͭp͔̦͇̺̥͇̖ͬ̿̌͛̅̾̓l̜̼͕e̠̰͓̯͕̦͇͛̚ẗ̤͇̥́ͣ͆̒̚e͌̽̔͐̈̃͊ĺ̗̝̘̣ͫ͊͆y͍̟̰ ͕̰͎̯͉͍̬͊̏͋ṅ̌̈́̄͛̍ͯo̘̫̬̥ͮr̹̩̄̉̔m͕̩̰͙̝̏̿ȧ̗͌͐͐ͥ͑ͪl̻̱̗̖͎̬͑̍

And here, at the radio station he heard about a region far away with strange occurences everywhere you turn. This region, known as Toro, attracted many faces from all over, which was more than he could say about Lavender Town. And so, January packed his bags and up and left without another word, ready to spread his stories, and gain some new ones.

Spoiler: show
A questionable young man, January represents his hometown well. Behind his blank eyes and sharp smile, there's a lot of thought and analysis happening. He's looking for something odd that he can relate to. Perhaps it's the way your eye moves when you pronounce a hard consonant. Or the distinct way your eye glistens in just the right angle of light, he's always looking for some sort of abnormality. He keeps a fairly pleasant demeanor if you're not paying close enough attention. He'll listen to you speak and he'll talk, but his mind will be elsewhere. However, this can break if something sets him off just right. If a certain phrase strikes a match of anger, he might go on a passive-agressive rant about someone he knew 9 years ago. Or he'll notice something about you he just loves and he'll focus on it intensely and become nearly unintelligible when he speaks. He finds it easier than not to hide the more human parts of himself, however. Inside, like most citizens of Lavender Town, he's afraid of what will happen if he strays from the norm. Will he be viewed as odd? But not the good odd. The bad odd. Deep down, what he wants the most is to find someone who is interested in what he has to say and he's able to shut himself off for and to get to truly know them as a person, not just details.

❧Strengths: A clever young man, there are few situations he can't wrap his head around. Also, one might mistake his tolerance for horror as bravery. In reality, however, he finds most terrifying things curious and a learning experience.
❧Weaknesses: An outsider might find him awkward or wierdly apathetic. Beneath his exterior, he hides insecurities about himself, so he avoids intimate relationships.
❧Alignment: True Neutral
❧Ambitions: To spread the stories of Lavender Town to the people of Toro.
❧Hobbies/Interests: Ghost Stories, Bowling, Reading
❧Skills: Communication, Personal Analysis, Storytelling
❧Likes: Actual Ghosts, Lavender Town, Unique Personal Details
❧Dislikes: Gastly, Librarians, Unreadable things.

(Note: Imgur gave me the album URL "cuRSE" so I'm taking this as a sign.)

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