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Postby Rosy » Sat May 27, 2017 2:35 pm

JSR has been advertising a new show for a few weeks, advertising it as an advice show for girls, relationship problems, and the sort. Though the show was at an odd 3pm timeslot, on a weekday no less, the show starts out with an upbeat, catchy intro.

Welcome to the first of hopefully many broadcasts for ’Ask Alex’, a weekly advice show for the modern era. “ she spoke fast and clear,and her voice was pleasant enough on ears, she was pretty natural as speaking.
I am Alex, the titular character of this show. I am a master of fashion, friends, and love, I am also a ten outta ten on a coolness and hotness scale, and if any foxxxy ladies are looking for love, you can call me at- “ the sound of a cymbal interrupts her and she laughs it off, “ Oh, right, and we are also joined by Dante Jackson, our in house band, and musical genius behind our show’s music.

“ Praise me more, praise me more. “ Dante could be heard chuckling a little, his voice was pleasant as well, probably a good singer. He spoke with a energetic tone as he introduced himself. “ Yo! I’m Dante. I’ll be the one doing all the music from now on. In the future, I might just join Alex with the hosting or answering questions, who knows~ “ In the background, a Jigglypuff could be heard, trying to get to the microphone. “ Oh yeah, that’s J.P, he’s our new mascot or something.

Let’s not derail this already though, and lets start right off with our first question from long time supporter and friend, Burny.“ she coughs into a fist, shuffles some papers, and then reads out:

" Where is the best place in Cobalt to sell my art? Without owning a store. "

” Well, anonymous asker, you picked a fine question since in fact, I live in Cobalt and know it inside and out! So first, if peddling it on boardwalk doesn’t work, I suggest you try to go underneath the docks. It’s one of my favorite places in Toro, it’s a bit exclusive, like a fancy club, but this one is actually worth it. If you can find your way there, you’ll find all sorts of deals and trades going on, my dude. Just watch out for some sketchy people, and try not to bring too much money. “ she clicks her tongue, “ Hope that helps though, and if it did, send me some art, alright? I’ll try to show it off here! That goes for the rest of you, feel free to send your fanmail , thanks, questions, and sponsorship to the Jigglypuff Sound Radio, addressed to your girrrl, Alex! “

With a happy laugh she uses that as a segue into her next topic, “ Speaking of sponsoring, I want to tell you all about the The Moonshine, the hottest bar in Cobalt. First off, the location is remote, so you can avoid the tourist crowd, and just enjoy a nice cheap beer with some regulars. Yeah, the beer is pretty cheap, but pretty good too. PLUS, did I even mention the Karaoke Bar? That’s right, and the best part is that I visit it like, all the time. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll catch me singing. The bartender is a bit of a nerd though. “

“ Speaking of nerds though, this final question comes from a huge one : ”

" How can I help my beautiful amazing sister overcome her apple addiction? "

” Well, Mat- er- Maybe you don’t need to help her. You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and a barrel a season is basically a restraining order against them. Really though, apple addiction? Let her live life man, it could be much worse, and also, buy some more apples, we’re running out. “ Alex lets out a chuckle at herself and takes a quick breath before continuing, “ Speaking of running out though, that’s about it for now! If you have any questions related to anything at all and need my expertise, send it to JSR and I’ll answer it next time! Assuming we have a next time… in the meantime though, stay cool, and play us out, Dante. “

“ We really gonna use the tune you chose? “ Dante would question before shrugging and playing their ridiculous outro anyway.

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Postby Rosy » Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:25 pm

The still brand new show was pushed to a new day and even a new time-slot, unannounced, to give more time to another show. Still, when the show comes on at 4pm, it opens up with the same catchy intro as before.

Sorry about my fans who tuned in the other day to find the sports coverage /still/ going on, I was pretty sick. Very pretty, and also very sick. I'm all fine now though!“ Alex’s voice starts up, cheerful despite the issues, “ Welcome to the second episode of ‘Ask Alex’, a weekly advice show hosted by the one and only, Alexandra Ward, with music and additional comments by the very handsome, Dante Jackson.

A smooth, male’s voice cuts in, “ Yo. “ Dante would quickly take the microphone for a bit, needing to say some stuff. “ To all the ladies who sent me fan mail and that one lady who was outside my window, thank you~... But the window stuff is kinda creepy. You might have to calm down a little though, can’t have my amazing co-host get jealous.

Let’s start right off with our first question by one… “ she takes a moment, squinting at the paper before continuing on, holding back a laugh, “ Rosalynn "Rocky Rose Ice Cream" Hayes

“ Dear Alex, I'm developing intense feelings for a brave man I've never met? He's a bit of a celebrity, and I'm super nervous to meet him. What should I do? Also, he's obsessed with Ditto people (and that's super hot ) “

There is an odd pause after reading the question, but Alex speaks up a bit awkwardly, ” Well, uh, hot-stuff… or should I say ‘cold-stuff’? “ she chuckles nervously at her own joke, “ I know that feeling well and dear. I suggest you meet him and find out the real him, heh, perhaps you two could hit it off… “ she thinks for a moment before speaking right up, gaining back her usual cool as she offers, “ In my infinite generosity, I invite you down to the station where you can meet the legend in person, and of course, that Ditto guy! I’ll send you the details in the post after this show airs along with some goodies. Let’s get right into our second question though from... “ there is a shuffle of papers and then another laugh as she stumbles through the name,John Pineapplehana'ele

Ohana Alex, I am a pineapple. ”

Alex reads it like a statement before going through it and repeating it with a question mark at the end.
” Well John, thank you for writing in, I hope this is not a sensitive issue. I applaud you for thinking about it though, and confiding this with your favorite show. I want to tell you that being a pineapple is perfectly acceptable these days, and those who disagree need to catch up with the modern times. This is TORO, land of the free and home of the brave, including pineapples. If you are unsure you are a pineapple though, feel your gut. . . is it spiky? If so, then perhaps you are a pineapple, try it out at home. Don’t feel pressured if you don’t fit the picture of the typical pineapple though, just be who you are. Hope that helps though, and good luck on your journey! “

“ With that though, let’s jump into this last segment, fanmail… “ she coughs into a fist, takes a gulp of water, and flicks a paper infront of her as she reads outloud.
Hi Alex, long time listener and fan here, first time submitting though, I hope that’s okay. I drew you! Hope you like it!
“ Wow, and they attached a beautiful rendition of me. They got my eyes just right, and my hair is just right, come a look Dante. “

Dante could be heard walking over and chuckling a little as he looked over the picture, “ Looks good. Didn’t catch your amazing looks perfectly though, but that would be impossible. “ He would be speaking with a more flirty tone, bit too flirty for radio, before that fully disappeared as he asked. “ Wait, how do they know what you look like anyway? We’re a radio show?

” Haha, “ she didn’t answer him as she quickly and casually carries on, “ well, that’s it for now. If you’d like to ask a question or have your art featured, send them here. Hopefully next time we won’t be shifted around like that… for now, play us out, Dante. “

“ You really sure this should be our outro? I mean, it totally fits, just askin’ to be sure. “ And so their childish outro song began to play again.
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Postby Vernon » Sat Jun 10, 2017 9:18 am

Allison heard the show one afternoon after finally figuring out the best way to get radio on top of the Viridis Tree Gym. She first tuned into an advertisement for the show at home and was skeptical at best, however there was no harm in writing in and asking for advice, was there? She went home and wrote a letter on rather pretty nature-themed stationary, making sure her handwriting was neat and legible, before she mailed it in via the postal service.

A text version in case you can't read the image.
Spoiler: show

Dear Alex,
A close friend of mine has been pushing me to form a relationship. Honestly, I'm more than happy where I am right now. I feel like she's trying to fill a void of her own through me.

I care about her deeply, and I want to help her. I know there's a boy that likes her, but she doesn't seem like she thinks she's deserving of a relationship herself. Do you have any advice as to how I can help her be happy?

Awaiting your response patiently, although anxiously,
The Princess of Petals.
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Postby Rosy » Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:09 pm

Hi folks, thanks with keeping with our crazy schedule. I’d like to apologize in advance, but this will be a short one, as Dante and I are working on something big. Hopefully you all enjoy it. “ she snickers before wrinkling some paper and continuing on, “ Let’s read our question for the day from a special fan.

Dear Alex,
A close friend of mine has been pushing me to form a relationship. Honestly, I'm more than happy where I am right now. I feel like she's trying to fill a void of her own through me.

I care about her deeply, and I want to help her. I know there's a boy that likes her, but she doesn't seem like she thinks she's deserving of a relationship herself. Do you have any advice as to how I can help her be happy?

Awaiting your response patiently, although anxiously,
The Princess of Petals. “

“ Well, Princess Petal, it sounds like you know what you want, so why not trust she knows what she wants? Of course the issue with her thinking she doesn’t deserve… -“ Out of nowhere, Alex suddenly gets interrupted as Dante grabs the mic, speaking up for once. “ Aight, Alex, sorry, but I’mma need to answer this too. I’ve seen so many people say they don’t deserve love, that they’re bad people, or they’re ugly, or they’re not interesting or whatever, and you know what? I’m tired of hearing that. Nearly everybody out there deserves some love, nearly everybody deserves to be happy. ”
He lets out a sigh before calming down a little, “ If she’s trying to get you with someone, she’s showing that she cares ‘bout you, but not enough ‘bout herself. If she doesn’t care about herself, or thinks she doesn’t deserve love, talk to her. It may seem like the most obvious answer, but talk to her. Ask her if she’s alright, if she’s feelin’ okay, ask her why she thinks that ‘bout herself. Ya can’t help somebody if you don’t know what they’re thinking, what they’re feelin’. ” There’s a short pause, where Dante seems to want to say something, but hesitates. He eventually continues though, “ If they keep saying they’re a bad person, who shouldn’t be loved by anyone, just tell them that you wouldn’t be friends with em if they were a bad person, or hang out with em, or fall in love with em… Yeah… ”

Alex is silent, slightly taken back as she let Dante do his thing before going to add on in a softer tone more serious tone to match his, " Actually, nevermind what I said, tell them to go through with it. If it works, it works, if it doesn't, then at least they've tried, and they'll never have to think back and regret on it. Or if they know they for sure don’t like this dude, don’t push it, but do persuade her to go on a date still sometime in the future. I'm guessing you are two young, but seriously, it'll like, dig away at you for the rest of your lives. " there is hint of realness in her voice as she goes sappy for a moment. " A lot of people don't even get the memo that someone likes them, and they end up passing by each other. That's like, really a bummer. "

There is an awkward pause of silence before Alex’s cheerful voice bounces back, panting for breath while she talks, ”S-Sorry for the real sappiness, but yanno, we don’t try to be goofs all the times. Hope it helps, and I hope your friend gets better. Let’s end it here though, yeah? Yeah! “

Without complaint this time around, a recording of the outro would be playing them out.
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Postby Rosy » Sun Jun 18, 2017 4:01 pm

In a strange turn of events, the show plays during a prime time, on a prime day. Although it is only broadcast once, on the specific JSR channel. The already 15-second intro plays for the show 'Ask Alex', but it is cut off and replaced with the panicky, shaky, sad voice of the host, Alex.

" H-Hey, Alex here, your host. Dante isn't here, he's - well, I don't know, but anyways I have an important announcement. " there is a sharp breath as she stredies her voice, " If you see the man Everett Larson, " she describes him kinda accurately, " wearing a t-shirt about Dittos, please write in, or call the station. I will reward you. " then, showing those listening in her vulnerability, she cries a bit.
" Please, please, please come home Everett & Anne. I'm sorry, you can come back now, please come home. "

After that her voice would cut out with a song.
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