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Stow's ET Application!

PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:13 am
by stowaway8888
Preferred Name: Stow, Stowaway, Jon (least preferred)
MC Username: stowaway8888, Dayre_, Businessmaster
Age: 16, 17 in November
Time Zone: EST
Number of hours available: Uh... can't say. I'm free mostly whenever though on weekends, though i'll be limited (not too much) on weekdays.
How long you have been playing on Toro League: 2 1/2 years I believe

Why do you want to join Event Team?: I love doing events! I like making RP scenarios for people to act out, and for everyone to get in and have fun.

Do you have any past experiences of any similar positions?: Uh... no real Event staff position, though i've done mini events and such in the past.

What can you bring to this team?: I'm pretty creative, so I can totally help out with creating event scenarios and such! I also love to act, so I could totally play event characters as an actor. Skins and redstone are a nono, I suck at those. Building and commands i'm okay with, and I like to think i'm fairly good with creating posters!

Examples: I've ran mini events before! One example was the snowday event near Galena, with people building snow forts and having snowball fights! I've also done the Candy Festival event, a yearly event I do in October.

What is one weakness you have that might hinder your ability to work on this team?: I can be argumentative. While i'm able to keep myself in check usually, I can be stubborn and fight for a point that I am deeply rooted to.

Have you ran or helped with any Toro events before?: There was the snowday event, as stated before, as well as the yearly Candy Festival! Fluff events are my favorite to run, though I could probably do any sort of event if asked.

Have you helped with any other parts of the event process?: I've helped with decorating and building at times, though most of it were from my own events.

Are you capable of running or helping in events with a higher number of players?: Totally, yeah.

Are you capable of running combat-oriented events?: Yep! I make sure it's all organized at the beginning so it doesn't get too out of control.

Now, create an event and write at least a one paragraph summary. Then, complete the following questions:
(1) Describe any effects or props that would be needed and how to implement them.
(2) Write a basic outline for a character to be used in an event. Essentially, an actor should be able to read it and become the character you want them to.
(3) Create a list of ten emotes to be used in the event.

A rare Jewel has been transported to the Toro Region to be displayed in the Ferrite Museum! The Diamond of Dreams, a large blue diamond encased in a pure silver and gold necklace has come to be set with the other rare artifacts. Signs are everywhere to advertise the new attraction, for all to see! However, not all of them have the greatest of intentions... for the Rhyhorn Riders want the Diamond for themselves, thinking it would make them some fat stacks.

1) A display case for the diamond would be needed, of course. Red velvet rope could be around it, to show it's importance. For effects, we could have the Riders breaking through the side windows to quickly nab the diamond and get outta there. The Riders could have two separate getaway paths, if the event is large enough, to divide the players into two groups to easier manage combat RP.

2) Rider Jamison! About 5'8, 23 years of age. He's a smack-talkin' (equivalent of Australian) who loves to blow stuff up! Besides Rhyhorns, his main pixelmon of choice would be those that could cause explosions like Golem or Electrode. He has blonde, messy hair, green eyes, and tanned skin. Some key items he'd have would be party poppers, little mine toys that when they explode, they send out harmless confetti with no harm done, and a detonator. (It's fake, of course, just used for show when he has his Electrode or Golem blow something up.) (Inspired by Junkrat, yes.)

1)"If I may have ya' attentions, ladies and gentlemen... this is a robbery!" Jamison laughs, with a wild grin.
2) "Now, THIS! This is a beauty of a gem, lemme tell ya." he'd cackle, observing the quite large diamond.
3) "Alright boys, remember the plan! They can't chase all of us!" he'd direct, going to run down the east road into the mountain path.
4) "What can I say? I've got an explosive personality."
5) The Diamond of Dreams was set out on a beautiful display, but only second to the actual gem's radiance.
6) Colored as the light blue ocean before it hit the dark waters, it glistened from the light coming from the windows.
7) The glass shatters! From the open spaces, the infamous Rhyhorn Riders would stumble in... and trip. They're not good with making cool entrances.
8) Rider Jamison wags the diamond in front of the onlookers as he leaned out the window."Ya want it? Come and get it!"
9) The Rider looks at the crowd, observing their reactions to them. He'd chuckle a bit. "What? You didn't think someone would come and try to steal a giant diamond out for the grabs? ... Well done."
10) Jamison's face lights up in a wide smile. He'd look to his accomplices. "I GOT AN IDEA!"

Anything else we need to know: This server has really helped me grow as a person, and made me much more mature. I give my greatest thanks to all of you for that.