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Postby Eryna » Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:40 pm

-Player Questions-
Minecraft Username: SleepyChi
Age: 13
Where did you hear about us: Planetminecraft
Tell us a little about yourself: I like to draw, read and watch anime I don't really have that much of a social life. I'm interested in your server because I would love to play in a fantasy world server that people would actually role-play.

-Role-play Questions-
[Please use your own words.]
What is role-playing? Role-play is when a person creates a character that is meant to play a different role from the player them self, meaning having different traits, our how they would act or behave in different situations.

What is meta-gaming? Meta-gaming is when you take information that is out of character into role-playing in which your character should not even have known without asking or finding it out them self.

What is power-gaming? Power-gaming is when you over power someone like you either don't acknowledge them or in other words don't allow them to say or do any actions.

What is retroactive continuity? It would mean changing things that have already occurred or in other words altering it.

What is a Mary Sue? To me a Mary Sue is a character that is made to be perfect and if they might have any flaws they'd always find away in the end to make people like them.

What is the difference between in-character (IC) and out-of-character (OOC)? (IC) is when you are speaking through your characters point of view when your role-playing and (OOC) is when you are just out of character.

Do you have previous experience playing on a RP server? (This won’t affect your acceptance)
Yes, I have had experience with other role-playing servers

-In-Game Lore Questions (Please answer in your own words)-
Describe any city in Toro of your choosing: So from what I have read I chose Canvas Town which is directly north of Aurelia, many temporary find housing there and there are mostly farmers around that area.

Describe Pix Co.: Pix Co. is the multinational in the Toro Region. They are well-known, most so for their revolutionary invention: the Pixel-ball. They have also created many of the machines used for Pixel-mon, such as PCs and healers.

-General Character Questions-
[There is a one full paragraph minimum for the appearance, biography, and personality]

Full name: Chiho Fumiko (A.K.A Chi)
Age: 13

Appearance: Chi is a teenager whose height is 5'2 she is not a very curvaceous girl. Her eyes are both Brown, Her hair is fluffy and short it also happens to be Dark Brown Just like her fathers , she wears a pink long sleeved blouse with bluish shorts that is accompanied by white knee socks and a pair of peachy looking shoes.
Personality: Chi is a polite person. She tries her best to be kind to everyone that she meets though sometimes she is passed off as rude or being mean when not meaning to be. Other than that she is kind of a down to earth person. She can sometimes be very stubborn and selfish at times. She also tends to smile a lot even when there isn't a particular reason.

Biography: Chi was born in the region of Kanto, it was a region which bubbled with popularity from the media, to the colors and culture some say it was a tourist attracting place. She lived with her father in his bakery. Even though still a child she finds it kind of hard living in Kanto she has to help out with her dad all the time because of the constant tourists and local folks coming in and out of their bakery with orders. Meaning she sometimes wished she didn't have to help out with the bakery, alongside her other than her father is her pixel-mon pidegy Sinder, not only is he her pixel-mon but also her best friend since her first birthday. Other than all the hustle and bustle helping out her dad at the bakery she has a normal middle school life with her friends like any other kid would.

There was one thing that made Chi different from her friends though she was the only one that dreamed about going on adventures and traveling the world battling all the gym leaders just like her mother did before she had passed away, so she begged and pleaded to her father asking him every chance she got to let her go to Aurelia the golden city of opportunity in which she had been a couple of times but not for a long stay or by herself to adventure. He would brush it off not answering most of the time, until one day she was hanging around the counter of the bakery checking all the items off the clipboard and he just brought up the topic and after a while of talking about it he finally said "yes". She had screamed so loud it almost broke his glasses after hugging him for what felt like the millionth time she placed the clipboard down on the counter then ran up the stairs to start packing whatever she needed for she was leaving the next day. The next day Chi said her goodbyes to her father and friends and headed out on her journey to Aurelia with Sinder by her side.

Flaws: Chi despite her personality usually has doubts about herself being able to do anything of the matter, she sometimes thinks of herself as useless and not good, and at times can be very shy.

Ambitions: Chi wishes to beat all the gym leaders in Toro and become a strong pixel-mon fighter

Starter Pixel-mon: Pidgey

Skin: (Please include front and back shot or the skin itself.)

-Open Response Questions-
[Respond to at least 2 of the 3 scenarios.]

You find yourself standing in a bustling town. Suddenly, a small girl runs up to you, her eyes seeming to glisten with fresh tears as her bottom lip quivers. “Please!” She cries out to you, “You must help me! My poor Meowth is stuck in a tree!” She points to a nearby tree as more tears spill out of her eyes and down her cheeks. How does your character respond?

Chi would stop at the seeing the little girl crying, she would listen to her word for word. "Sure I'll help you!" she said with a big smile. She turned to the tree and takes out her pixel-ball sending out Sinder "Hey Sinder could you get her meowth down?” As she pointed to the pixel-mon stuck in the tree. Sky would squawk and fly up lifting the Meowth carefully and setting it down on the ground gently. "There you go little one" she said to the little girl with a smile. "Thank you" she said after hugging her and running off. Chi would continue on her way.

After arriving in Toro a cheerful woman walks up to you, a clipboard in her hand. “Hello and welcome to Toro! I would like to ask where you came from and why you came, as well as where you plan to go. All for statistical reasons of course.” she asked with a bright smile as she held a pen to her clipboard. How does your character respond?

After Arriving at Aurelia Chi didn't expect to be be asked questions. So she would take a step back and ask the lady kindly to repeat. With a smile the lady would repeat what she said before and this time slower." Alright I'm from Kanto, I came here looking for a place to explore and this place just seemed like the right place to be, though I don't really know that much of here I'll just see what it has to offer" she replied. After the woman had finished writing down what Chi had just said she thanked her and walked over to a young man, Chi would just continue on her journey mean while wondering if the woman does this to everyone that passes by.
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Postby Asarel » Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:29 pm

Hello! Thank you for your interest in the Toro League! There are some things that need to be worked on before your application can be accepted, but I’ll go over each of them briefly.

Your answer to “what is roleplaying”, while could be considered technically correct, isn’t the form of RP that would take place on server. You can refer to our support page for more help on what to expect with Toro and roleplay, otherwise I can tell you that it is highly suggested that you do not make a character that reflects yourself. Most characters you will meet on Toro are completely different from their creators, and it helps separate between the IC and OOC world when you meet a character in game that you don’t get along with, or may not get along with you. It’s easy to have hurt feelings when you’re roleplaying yourself and another character may not get along with you.

Otherwise the rest of your roleplay question answers look ok! I would suggest, however, that you do try to use proper grammar and punctuation throughout your entire application, as it really helps paint a bigger and more professional looking picture for you overall!

Because of your answer to ‘what is roleplaying’, I would suggest just looking over your character and making sure they are not a self insert to avoid the issues previously mentioned, as well as fixing some minor punctuation and grammar issues, as well as a few run on sentences. I would suggest when fleshing out your character more to try to think about what sort of experiences she had growing up in a port/tourist city like Cobalt!

Thank you, and please post when you’ve made your corrections!

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Postby Asarel » Sat Jul 22, 2017 4:11 pm

Hey! Thank you for getting back to me!

Everything you fixed looks great! If it would be possible to fix where your character is from so she doesn't start off in Toro and is coming from another city in another region, that would be great! It would make more sense for her to want to come to Aurelia so badly, as Cobalt and Aurelia are not that far away from each other, plus it would give her more "adventure" to come to a new region on her own!

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