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ChaosOneX's Whitelist Application

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-Player Questions-
Minecraft Username: ChaosOneX
Age: 30
Where did you hear about us: (If it was from a friend it helps to say which one)
Tell us a little about yourself:

-Roleplay Questions-
[ Please use your own words. ]
What is roleplaying?
Roleplaying is the act of playing out a personality, circumstance, or story that is not connected to your regular life. Some argue that single player games involve roleplaying, and others argue that simply playing a game can be considered roleplaying. In this circumstance, however, roleplaying is the aforementioned act, the intention is to do so in a community and world filled by other people roleplaying.

What is meta-gaming?
Meta gaming is applying knowledge that was not, or could not be obtained by a character to their in character actions. One of the most common examples that comes up in rpg groups is the rogue stealing items as the dm calls out what has been found by another character.

What is power-gaming?
Power gaming is basically trying to control the narrative of the RP via actions that do not present alternatives to how characters react. This can be things such as adding extreme results to attacks, or more mundane things such as auto hits. While this can easily slip into God-modding, it is also its own infraction. The best way to avoid this is to remember that all parties in the RP are here to tell a story together and have fun. It is a mutual story, and everyone deserves their time to shine.

What is retroactive continuity?

Basically, a retcon is saying something and saying it was always that way, even if it wasn’t. Sometimes this can be good, like if a character meeting another character is interrupted and both people want to just pretend it didn’t happen, but often it is annoying/used to build up another character. (See: Mary Sue)
It can be a tool, oft abused, but not always out of the question as long as there is good intent.

What is a Mary Sue?
A ‘Perfect’ Character. Often fills the same need as the power gamer’s fantasy, but usually with less work. While characters that have minimal flaws aren’t egregious sins, the problem with mary sue characters is they want to require other people to see them as they decide. They are defined by a lot of traits, most of which are taken to the point of abused tropes. They are built around the idea of an old satire article from a Star Trek fan magazine that made fun of submissions they received by using a character who over exaggerated the hallmarks of what would become defining features of Mary Sue characters.

To surmise, Mary Sues have a need to be flawless, perfect, and loved by all. The RPers often push excuses such as “How I see my character” to explain why situations can’t be detrimental, or why they can’t be at a disadvantage.

What is the difference between in-character (IC) and out-of-character (OOC)?
Basically, IC is anything that the character does in a visible way that can be considered story. OOC is actions that are not. While OOC and IC can intertwine, they should not be combined as much as possible. (A good example of OOC and IC crossing over in a good way is finding a reason to go hunting a Pokemon you want well outside the character’s normal area. Especially if they don’t know about said Pokemon. A good example of a bad crossover is a fight playing out on the discord server causing your character to hunt down someone elses and attacking them when your character wouldnt’ normally do this.)

Do you have previous experience playing on a RP server? (This won’t affect your acceptance)
Was a moderator on a writer’s aid RP server, RPed on Gaia Online for like… 10 years, and do regular tabletop RPing. Also have a history of joint writing for RP.

-General Character Questions-
[There is a one full paragraph (at least 5 sentences) minimum for the appearance, biography, and personality. This is for each of these parts and not put together. Your first character must come from a region that isn't Toro.]
Full name: Adrienne Chartres
Age: 24

A shorter than average woman with long blond hair and a lean build. She eschews makeup for the most part, doing little more than the basics when its called for, and has bright blue eyes. Her hair is normally tied into a braid or ponytail. and she favors simple clothing as much as possible. Her general physicality and appearance is in line with one who has spent most of her life working indoors and unused to heavy labor.

Always at her side is the soft brown Satchel she received from her mother, stuffed with drawing supplies and various things she thinks she might need at hand. The bag is an unruly mess, and she often loses things in it. The only other trait of note is her constant shifting and general unease, a very physical response to people she doesn't know or is unsure of how to react to.

Personality: Soft spoken, with a tad of a timid nature at first glance, Adrienne tends to find lurking at the edge of a conversation awkward. Eventually she can get so frustrated she will barge in, and often seems to sway with her emotions over thinking things through. She wants to help, even if she doesn’t know enough about a situation to actually be beneficial.

The daughter of an Avalon florist, she knows little of Pokemon, and most of her interactions with them were the result of her sketching pedestrians as they passed down the street. She is indecisive, putting off major decisions as long as possible. To this end, she will ramp up her attempts to join whatever is going on, casing away her shy nature to do her best to intervene.
Growing up in a single parent household, Adrienne didn’t get to have the free time many of the other kids her age did. Due to the needs of her mother’s small business, Adrienne spent most of her childhood helping tend the register. Due to this, she never found flowers or plants as much of an interest as she did the people coming into the shop. Though she did learn about plants, even their medicinal applications, she dedicated all her time to learning to capture the essence of the people and Pokemon she witnessed.
When her mother passed, Adrienne had to sell the shop to cover the debts her mother had incurred. Found without a home or path through life, she decided to travel, seeking out the wonders of the world and trying to catch up on the aspects she had missed. Though she knows next to nothing of Pokemon, she is determined to give it a solid go. Though she wasn’t sure what she expected, or where she expected to go, she swore to do her best.
Taking advice and help from a family friend, she acquired a passport to the Toro region, and a Pokemon to keep her safe.

Lack of experience with the wider world, lack of experience with Pokemon. When calm she is somewhat soft spoken. When emotionally stirred up she can be difficult to reason with.

Her strongest ambition is to meet lots of people and pokemon. To see strange new places, and find the things she never had access to growing up.
Starter Pixelmon: Galaran Corsola
Skin: ImageImage
(Please note, this isn't my current skin, its the one I want to use.)

-Open Response Questions-
-Write in third person!-
[Respond to at least 2 of the 3 scenarios. There is a one full paragraph (at least 5 sentences) minimum for each of the scenarios you choose, and responses must be written in third person and formatted like RP instead of a description. Like: ' Steve focuses on the girl with a gasp and asks, " How can I help? " ' other than ' Steve would answer the call to help the cat! Feel free to make responses for the NPC in order to meet this requirement.]

You find yourself standing in a bustling town. Suddenly, a small girl runs up to you, her eyes seeming to glisten with fresh tears as her bottom lip quivers. “Please!” She cries out to you, “You must help me! My poor Meowth is stuck in a tree!” She points to a nearby tree as more tears spill out of her eyes and down her cheeks. How does your character respond?

Adrienne shifts, studying the small girl as she brushes a strand of hair from her face. She looks around, frowning.

“A-are… Are you talking to me?” Adrienne asks hesitantly. Her hand hovers above her satchel, and she looks up at the tree in question.

“Please! Please!” The young girl wipes fresh tears from her face.

Adrienne nods slowly. She reaches into her bag, pulling out the red and white of the Pokeball, considering how best to go about this. She offers the little girl her hand, allowing her to lead the Trainer to the tree in question.

“W-well… He… Certainly got up there?” Adrienne muses as she considers the situation.

The girl nods, eyeing the Pokeball eagerly. Adrienne rolls the Pokeball in her hands, then frowning. She looks around, rummaging in her satchel.

“I-I don’t think… I don’t think this one is going to help. So… If I can find it…” Adrienne muses as she continues digging in the bag. “I’m going to see if we can tempt him down with a treat.”

The girl nods, eagerly taking the paper wrapped object as Adrienne retrieves it. She unfurls the treat, holding it aloft like a prize as she starts calling to the Meowth. There is the sound of branches swaying, and the Meowth comes down like a meteor.

“Ah. Not stuck, lazy.” Adrienne says as the girl shows off her pet.

After arriving in Toro a cheerful woman walks up to you, a clipboard in her hand. “Hello and welcome to Toro! I would like to ask where you came from and why you came, as well as where you plan to go. All for for statistical reasons of course.” she asked with a bright smile as she held a pen to her clipboard. How does your character respond?

Adrienne blinks away the sunlight as she steps from the shadows of the Customs Office. It takes her a moment to register the woman’s presence and she flushes in embarrassment as she realizes the woman has been waiting.

“I-I’m so sorry. W-where I’m from? Yes? I’m from Avalon.” Adrienne’s words come out in a rush as she tries to think about anything she might have missed.

The woman takes on a look of patience, adjusting her clipboard as she regards the newcomer.

“Yes, and why you have come to Toro?”

Adrienne nods sharply. “R-right! Of course! Well… That is… I came because I’d heard about the variety of Pokemon and the natural features.” She studies the woman, trying to figure out if she’d said anything wrong or alarming. The woman, however, just nodded, making notes on her clipboard before giving a nod.

You are walking along the road when your eyes lock onto a trainer's in the distance. At that moment, you both freeze in place. You see a glimmer in the trainer's eyes as he reaches for his Pixelball. "Go, Rattata! Show this chump what we've been training for!" the trainer shouts as he swiftly releases his chosen partner in the vacant space that separates the two of you. How does your character respond?
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Re: ChaosOneX's Whitelist Application

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Aaaand Whitelisted!
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