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Postby ThePunnyMan » Tue Aug 20, 2013 5:12 pm

Hello! For those who don't know me, I'm ThePunnyMan, aka cometking123 in game. As a member of the app team, I whitelist and accept members who wish to enter the server. Since my initiation into the ranks, I've seen some unsavory/repetitive things by potential players! I'm here to point them out and nudge you into not making these mistakes/potential mistakes in this topic!

Let's get started!

DO: Remember that this server is set in a 1950s-esque time! Ultimately this probably is the most important thing to remember when you're writing your application. Being in the 1950's, things such as cell phones or headphones did not exist in that time! Try to also have your character dress accordingly, so no hoodies, or medieval adventurers!

DON'T: always go for being a Pixelmon Master on your application. This is a big one as well. Don't think being a trainer is the only choice. Being in a minecraft server and not a Pokemon game, the choices for a occupation are endless! Choices may include being a builder, waiter, a businessman, and many more things! Think of this server as not a Pokemon Game where you're forced into being a trainer, but a living, breathing world just like ours except with Pixelmon! There are many shoes to fill in Aurelia and you could be one of those who can fill em in!

DO: Try and use proper grammar. One of the main things we're looking for is the ability to roleplay or a willingness to learn the ropes of roleplay. Grammar and Spelling is a large part of roleplaying and to be immersed in the server. Proper grammar ensures us that you know how to spell and create sentences, a important part since most people communicate through text in the server. If you're young or you're of a foreign language, then I won't be enforcing this as, well, English is a tough language.

DO: Write more than one paragraph and always strive to write more! Although we don't harshly enforce a four sentence minimum for your biography/ambitions, I highly recommend you write more. Writing more not only shows us App Team that you're putting in the effort in your application deserving of a whitelist, but also fleshes out your character to make him or her a full bodied character!

DO: Write more than 1-2 sentences on your ambitions and appearance. Although these may not seem important, I always look at the ambitions/appearances section of your application. These to me usually indicate the descriptive writing skills of a person and also their ability to describe their own character, a vital part of roleplaying. Try and think up of what your character would look like in the real world, and think about what what he would be wearing. Think about secondary or even dreams that your character has. Try and see what you can come up with!

DON'T: choose a modern or out-of-context skin. If you don't have a skin that's not made in context, you can always choose one of the default skins and edit your skin from there.
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Postby Peach » Tue Aug 20, 2013 5:35 pm

Annnnnnnnnnnd it's up!

Couldn't have said it better myself.
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Postby HailfireAlicorn » Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:19 pm

Yes! I see most of these Don'ts all the time. It makes me sad to see apps with the bare minimum written. Following the DO's and avoiding the Don'ts makes your application much, much more likely to be accepted!

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Postby DinsApostle » Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:34 am

You, sir, get an RP trainer star for this. I will make the image for that later/never.
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