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Postby FoxLeb » Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:05 pm

-Player Questions-
Minecraft Username: Foxleb
Age: 17
Where did you hear about us: (If it was from a friend it helps to say which one) i seen this server on Pixelmon Generations discord it seemed like a nice and fun server to play on

Tell us a little about yourself: i'm zoey aka zoeyleb or Foxleb hmm im a gamer and i love to write stories. i'm not good at spelling if i do miss spell just tell me and i'll fix it but i do try my best
My hobie gaming and writing watching anime
Favorit games or RPG or survival games like unturned or sandbox games like Minecraft and Garry's Mod
Roleplay Questions-
[ Please use your own words. ]
What is roleplaying? rping is where you play as that character or OC rp isn't just playing a character you can interact with other people and make friends even if you do not know that person in real life

What is meta-gaming? The player knows more Extending Knowledge then the character should of it they know what someone did even tho the character/OC doesn't know what thatcher did or didn't do
The player/character knows a lot more than the current Roleplay objective

What is power-gaming? powergaming or PG is were a player is overly powered or *chosen one* aka can't die or be killed can kill whoever they don't follow the storyline or set plot

What is retroactive continuity? Is changing the outcome of a plot or Storyline saying you didn't so this when in reality you did acting as if you never did that in the first place or removing it entirely from the storyline or out come of it

What is a Mary Sue? mary sue is a character who is liked by everyone or has no flaws has a power no one else has or can't do anything bad

What is the difference between in-character (IC) and out-of-character (OOC)? Ic or /l is talking in character in RP OOC or /OOC is talking out of character normal talking not roleplay at all

Do you have previous experience playing on a RP server? (This won’t affect your acceptance)
yes I do I played on a few pixelmon and vanilla like rp servers

-General Character Questions-
[There is a one full paragraph (at least 5 sentences) minimum for the appearance, biography, and personality.]
Full name: Zoey Frost
Age: 17

Appearance: normally wears a long sleeve white shirt and a black shirt on top the back is designed with a blue moon she also wears some gray jeans and her favorit brown boots her blue hair clips keeps her bangs out of her eyes and she wears a cross necklace with a red gem in the middle she also was born with odd red eyes and pale skin freckles on her arms

Personality: She can get angered easily and is sometimes a cluts she likes to help out around the daycare with her mother seeing if the eggs or gonna hatch or if a trainer came to get thare pokemon sometimes she helps her father with the bigger pokemon like torose and mudbray and also likes to go with him on ranger jobs like helping pokemon who or trapped or sick zoey likes to spend her days playing with her pokemon and other pokemon like the ones around the house she even gets to play with the baby pokemon when they hatch from the eggs.

Biography: Zoey spent the days helping Her parents her mother owns a pokemon daycare and her father is a pokemon ranger.
Right know she was playing in the forest a few yards away from her home she was playing with some of her parents pokemon like Bulbasaur charmeleon and a meowth and skitty it was time to go in side the house before a storm hit.

The skitty was curled up with the meowth near the small fireplace the charmeleon and Bulbasaur were asleep on the floor her father fiddling with his ranger gadgets and she was helping her mother cook dinner for her and the pokemon.

She asked her mother when can she get her own pokemon her mother told her when she was older they can do pick one out she smiled and helped her bring the food to the table once everyone was done eating it was time for bed. Zoey's parents told her good night and closed the door she closed her eyes and feel asleep.

Soon morning came and she got up and got dressed for the day she walked out of her room and down the stairs her father was already leaving for ranger duties and her mother was at getting ready for work at the daycare as well so she Decided to head to the woods with the Bulbasaur tagged along with her while she was out side she seen what the starm did trees were uprooted and rocks tumbled out of places it looked like a mess. She was wandering along a path when she noticed a stump with something in it but it was covered in vines she moved some of the vinse off of the stump to see it’s hallowe inside but something else was inside it.

It was a pokemon Egg! But she couldn't reach it she looked to the Bulbasaur and asked if it could get the egg for her it just replied with Balba Balba!! And it used vine whip to get the egg out of the stump ones it was out she caught it expecting the egg more it looked odd like a smile was drown on it she picked the egg up and ran home to show her parents but they still weren't home the egg felt cold so she tried to warm it up with blankets and putting it near the fireplace the chameleon helped my lighting it soon her parents got home and seen the zoey with a odd egg they asked where did she get it or where did it come from she told them it was in a stump covered in vines and branches they said she could keep it but she had to watch over it till it Hatches they have never seen a Egg like this before and wonder what pokemon was in it.

Soon over sometimes a few weeks later and Zoey was turning 11 years old the egg still hasn't hatched but it did move a few times her mother said it would hatch anytime soon she was so happy right know she was cleaning it with a rag and some water when she heard a *Crack* she looked at it to see it was cracking she went to go get her parents and they ran in to see the egg was cracking more and more soon it split in two and a pokemon appeared from it.

Zoey ran up to it and looked at it it didn't look like any pokemon they seen tho it has a smile on its head just like the egg did her father took out his pokedex and scanned it it replied with Mimikyu place of Origin Alola huh...he muttered what's a alola pokemon doing out here….odd… he replied the mimikyu looked at zoey and hoped in her arms it was bigger than a normal Mimikyu's he had seen before and wondered how did it got to Johto… from on then the Mimikyu and zoey were always together exploring new pirates of the forest and getting into trouble…..but soon she wanted to explore the world and become a trainer so her parents told her when she turned 17 she could.

When she turned 17 her parents got her a ticket to a place called toro her mother gave her a few pokeballs as well as mimikyu's it was a Cherish Ball her mother packed her some spare clothes and pjs and a phone so she could call whenever she wanted her father gave her some money for food for her and her pokemon so she walked out the door and started her Journey alongside with her partner Mimikyu to toro.

Flaws: she has temper problems but is caring cant handle extreme heat are if its really hot and can't write really good tries her best when it comes to battling

Ambitions: Wants to learn more about pokemon and become a pokemon master and wants to find new pokemon as well
Starter Pixelmon: Mimikyu

Skin: (Please include front and back shot or the skin itself.) ... 882150.png (sorry idk how to add a image)

-Open Response Questions-
[Respond to at least 2 of the 3 scenarios. There is a one full paragraph (at least 5 sentences) minimum for the scenarios you choose. Feel free to make responses for the NPC in order to meet this requirement.]

You find yourself standing in a bustling town. Suddenly, a small girl runs up to you, her eyes seeming to glisten with fresh tears as her bottom lip quivers. “Please!” She cries out to you, “You must help me! My poor Meowth is stuck in a tree!” She points to a nearby tree as more tears spill out of her eyes and down her cheeks. How does your character respond?
You look at the tree were the meowth is and got a idea taking out mimikyu and throwing it out you ask the little girl if she has a pokeball with her she stopped crying and nodes showing you a Luxury Ball you tell mimikyu to us Telekinesis the Meowth started to floated up in the air and mimikyu safely put it back on the ground the little girl told the meowth to return to its pokeball and a red flash appeared and the pokemon was gone the little girl ran up to you and thanked you you replied with no problem kid be careful next time she nodded and ran off to who knows were probably home

After arriving in Toro a cheerful woman walks up to you, a clipboard in her hand. “Hello and welcome to Toro! I would like to ask where you came from and why you came, as well as where you plan to go. All for for statistical reasons of course.” she asked with a bright smile as she held a pen to her clipboard. How does your character respond?

you tells her I came from Johto in a small Village the woman looks at you surprised and replied with wow that's a long ways away from here what or you doing out here she asked I replied with I want to learn more about other pokemon and become a pokemon master im heading to the rock gym to get my first bage

You are walking along the road when your eyes lock onto a trainer's in the distance. At that moment, you both freeze in place. You see a glimmer in the trainer's eyes as he reaches for his Pixelball. "Go, Rattata! Show this chump what we've been training for!" the trainer shouts as he swiftly releases his chosen partner in the vacant space that separates the two of you. How does your character respond?

Mimikyu GO! I shout Mimikyu and jumps off of my arm and gets in a fighting stans Mimikyu Woodhamer I replied and he uses Woodhammerthe the rattata is at 5HP and it uses tailwhip I told Mimikyu dogge it he jumps out of the way and it misses know Mimikyu us Shadow Claw mimikyu used Shadow Claw and the Rattata fainted
good battle i replied to the boy and head to the Rock gym to get my first bage
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Postby Skolarr » Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:03 am

Hello there, and welcome to Toro! I'm Skolarr, and I'll be reviewing your application today. From the looks of things, it seems I'll be needing you to do some corrections before I can accept your application and get you whitelisted onto the server. So without further wait, lets get down to business!

Starting with your questions, I cannot accept "I don't know' answers. I'll need you to fix those, and give me what you think is the correct answer. Also, you are allowed to google or look up the terms as you see fit. For the questions you did answer, you got all more or less correct, with the exception of power-gaming. I'll need you to also correct that definition along with the 'I don't know' answers.

Now, onto your general character questions... like it says at the top, you need one paragraph (5 sentences) minimum for your characters appearance and personality. Ontop of that, this is not a high fantasy world, so your character cannot have fox ears/tail (unless their fake.). For the biography, you're lacking a paragraph (its hard to tell without the use of ending marks, honestly.) and you need to specify what region your character is coming from and perhaps a bit more detail on why they came to Toro specifically. Also, 'Fox' is a name that you may want to could be a nickname, but it cannot be a real name, sadly.

As for your skin, it looks good but...I'd like to see a front and back of it in game to make sure that everything is accounted for. As I said above, unless you explain that the tail/ears are fake, then I'll need you to edit them out of the skin.

Next up, your open response: Like it says above, you need a minimum of a paragraph for each reply, and from what you put...even if there was proper punctuation, its still not a full paragraph. This applies to both of your OR responses, by the by. I also want you to go into more detail in both replies rather than just short, simple answers.

Now that we've reached the end, I'd like to take the time to add a few things: The first is, please run your app through a spell check site. There's a lot of misspellings and grammatical issues, as well as a lack of punctuation in your app. I feel that running it through a site will allow you to polish it up and make it look more presentable.

With all that said, go ahead and make your corrections and once you're done...go ahead and bump the thread! Thanks!
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Postby Skolarr » Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:31 pm

Alright, so after your edits...

    Meta-gaming needs a more clear response, you're on the right path however; I'd like for you to list a specific example of meta-gaming or explain a bit better on what or how it can happen.

    Power-gaming and retroactive continuity are still incorrect and need to be fixed.

    For appearance, most of what you put there can be condensed into maybe 2 full sentences. Sentence fragments/incomplete sentences do not count, sadly. If you need inspiration, why not browse through the accepted whitelist applications to see how you can expand upon it?

    Personality is still not a full paragraph. Like I said, sentence fragments and incomplete sentences don't work here.

    You still need to fix your open response questions. From what I can tell, I don't think you did any corrections here.

    Please fix the above and we can get you white listed!
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