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Postby Mishakiara » Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:20 pm

For you people interested in applying soon I have a small bit of advice.

Although it might be a bit meta, it could be beneficial to have your character (especially your first one) good at what you're OOCly good at! If you're good at and enjoy skinning or drawing it might be fun to bring it into RP and have your character make pix off of that. If you like decorating, mining, fishing, or just whatever (I'm pulling things out of my head) I'm sure you can find something to do with that as well. Pixelmon is only a small part of this world!

I also recommend keeping your character's personality away from anti-social and/or jerk characters. Although it won't stop us from accepting your application, having an anti-social character might make it harder for you to RP with others and fully enjoy this server. Especially if your character is a jerk / dark and 'edgy', in that case it might get annoying and make people hate your character.

If you find this fun and think you can pull it off, go ahead, you're more than free to do so. I just know that it can be awkward to OOCly bring yourself to interact others, and having a character like that might make it harder. If you have this problem it might help or give you a push if your character was outgoing / wasn't an awkward anti-social person!

To sum it up: When you're creating a character I recommend thinking about if you'd enjoy actually RPing the character. Making them share OOC interests or skills can help make them more enjoyable! Don't make them a self-insert, but yeah. Also anti-social or jerk characters can easily end up hard to roleplay, starting off with someone who isn't like that might be beneficial if you're OOCly awkward.

A small last note, character development does exist. If you create a character and want them to change, that's possible. Sometimes you'll tweak your characters personality or appearance or whatever, and that's fine. Just try not to do a crazy amount of changes at once without RP or something to back it up. If you absolutely hate your character and find them unfixable, it is possible to re-roll them and create a different one.

Anyway, this was just a small heads up / PSA to try and help y'all new players make characters you can enjoy. Continue on, and good luck with your future characters!~
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