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Welcome to Toro!

This guide is to help you get started and help you guys learn the ins and outs of Toro! Although this thread and other linked threads should help you with any questions, problems, or concerns, if anything hasn't been answered or covered, feel free to post in the support thread or contact staff!

Table of Contents
Welcome to Toro! - First Post
Frequently Asked Questions
Temporary Housing

Helpful & Important Links
* New players are highly recommended to read or keep these saved for a while!

*Server Rules
*Allocating Ram
* Game Mechanics VS IC Lore
*Commands List
Towns & Notable Locations
Guide to Earning Money
Rolling: When, Why, How, Bonuses
Toro Time System
Kampfkater's Guide to the 50s

The Community
We would like to start off by saying that the staff and most of the players are very friendly! You’re more than welcome to approach any staff, including GMs, with questions, concerns, and suggestions. We encourage you to explore and enjoy your roleplays and time on the server, and make sure to ask questions when in doubt because we are happy to answer and help in any way we can. I just would like to reiterate the staff are staff because they love the server and want to see it grow, and they facilitate that however they can, so you’re more than welcome to talk to them about anything!

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This is a F.A.Q to cover some of the common questions or ones not covered in the normal one which can be found here. If you also have any questions not answered in either guide or need more clarification you can always contact a staff member! Our staff is very friendly and love to help whenever they can! Don’t be afraid of making suggestions or voicing concerns. You’ll never bother them, and if they’re busy, they’ll direct you to someone else!

Applying & Installing
How do I apply? (+Tips on applying!)
To apply to the server please fill out the whitelist application, found at the bottom of this post here, and post a new thread in the Whitelist Applications subforum with the completed form!

When applying please make sure you do a paragraph for the story, appearance, and personality! It’s the minimum, and you will not be accepted if you only put too little. You’ll have to also mention how and why your character went to Toro, and either post the skin or screenshots of both the front and back of the skin!

Where can I get the modpack and resource pack?
You can get the modpack and resource pack from our Discord! To use the resource pack you'll have to unzip it into the resourcepacks folder after downloading. Make sure you follow the installation guide or else it might cause errors and make you unable to play! If you are having problems feel free to make a thread in the Support subforum, or ask in the Discord's support channel.

Is there any other things I need to download?
Besides the things linked for the install instructions, and Minecraft obviously, there is nothing else you need to download!

Items & Economy
What items are changed in the resource pack?
We've changed a lot of items that would be otherwise useless in our Pixelverse (eg. armor, swords, etc.). This is a list made by Peach of items that have changed their texture. Just a little bit has been changed since then, all our Pix items have been moved to the Toroblocks mod. In addition since then pixel dollars became Meowth Coins, Fishes are now specifically Magikarp, and duck is Farfetch'd.
Spoiler: show

What items are banned?
Currently several items are banned. For pixelballs, Cherish Balls, Safari Balls, Master Balls, and Park Balls are OOCly banned as they are limited or do not exist ICly. If any of these objects are found please dispose of them ASAP and do not use them. In addition, orbs have no purpose and can be thrown away if obtained.

What’s “pix”?
Pix is Toro’s form of currency! It can often be shorted to just p, and kp for thousands. We have physical items such as the 100 pix coin, 1,000 pix bill, and a 10,000 pix bag of money. You can get these by withdrawing them from a bank (if you have the money) which can be found in any town! To check your account’s balance you can do /money. You can get a bit from doing a one-time starter kit with /kit starter that gives you 3,000 pix. The guide found here describes different ways to earn pix!

How do I buy/sell things?
If you're at a store, do /shop select! There should be a sign at each store you're able to buy or sell from. Some stores use carpets or different floor materials to indicate separate areas of the store, that sell different stuff!

Lore & Game Mechanics
What setting is Toro League?
Toro League features it's own time system,where each OOC week is a new season, and each OOC month is a year. This server is set in a Pokemon universe - set apart from the games ( So no Ash Ketchums / Professor Oaks ) technology and aesthetics wise we're somewhere closer to the 50s-60s, before Flatscreen TVs, Cellphones, Music Players, DVDs, Computers - Outside of typical Pokemon use of course!

You may describe us as retro-cool. Hard-boiled speech and slang can be used without batting an eye ( typically ) and we welcome Greasers, Jocks, and Pink-girls! You're free to stray away from such concepts of course. Toro is also a progressive server & country though, so wearing anything beyond a suit 24/7 is totally acceptable (just no hoodies and headphones please!) , and people are accepting of all, regardless of gender, race, sexuality and such!
- Because this is a Pokemon server, creative skins are allowed, as in, different colored hairs are allowed! MPM allows HD skins, which might make it easier to skin you character.

What are the regions and their real-life equivalent?
Here’s a list of all the regions we have so far, as well as their real-life equivalents! If there is nothing that simply means they aren’t compared to anything!

Spoiler: show
Main Series
Kanto [Japan]
Johto [More Japan]
Sinnoh [Mix of Japan / Slavic Regions]
Unova [America]
Kalos [France]
Alola [Hawaii]

Spin-Off Series
Orre [Texas]

Regions exclusive to Toro!
Alkir [Middle East]
Arenisca [Spain / Mexico]
Artesia [Afghanistan/Kazakhstan]
Avalon [England]
Isles of Avalon [Ireland]
Lyuskoy [Russia]
Schieferwald [Germany]
Green Islands [Cuba]
Renowa [Samoa]
Milano [Italy]
Rasilla [India]
Tiānguo [China]
Holova [The Netherlands]

What are Rolls?
Rolls are a part of a plugin that allows you to generate a random number. We also have a custom plugin for character stats though! Right now we use our Discord to roll, in the #bot-channel ~

Characters are allowed to apply to have positive and negative modifiers to certain stats, however it mostly optional to have rolls, and even if you do it’s suggested you don’t use it unless needed! It is suggested to have roles is if you have any major strengths or disabilities, if you plan for your character to participate in non-Pixelmon fights, or if your character is a child (in which case there’ll be negatives).

Rolls should only be used when the outcome is based out of luck (such as gambling) or when two characters would be at an equal skill level (two adults). You wouldn’t use this if one character has a clear disadvantage (a child can’t beat an adult in arm wrestling!) or if it just simply makes no sense (your character can’t survive a long fall, even if you do roll that 20).

tl;dr: Use logic before using rolls. You can find more information here and apply for rolls here. Try to remember that 0 is the average human adult’s roll!

Where can I build?
To retain the map’s quality, to build you must ICly buy a plot of land from the HBC, the thread to request a plot of land can be found here. It helps to have already built and screenshotted what you’d like for the plot!

You're also allowed to build and decorate in your homes!

Where can I find (Pixelmon / Object)?
We encourage players to ICly ask other characters if they’re looking for a specific Pixelmon for object. There are many nesting areas for Pixelmon on specific areas of the map, but we encourage players to ICly ask other characters or to explore!

How do I get another character?
If you wish to create a new character on a new account, post a thread in the Character Profiles subforum with your new character’s profile. You can only have one character per account, and you must wait for the new character to be accepted before playing them.

Where it says to put your Minecraft Name please let us know if it's a new account so we know to whitelist it. There is also no need to create a new forums account for the new Minecraft account, please keep all of your minecraft accounts on the same forums account.

If you wish to replace your old character you can either soft-reroll or hard-reroll your character. To do this create a new character profile and specify that you want to re-roll, what type of re-roll you’re doing, and the account you’re rerolling. You can more information on this under 2.6 in the server rules.

You are not allowed to have two characters on one account, the exception being if your character gets a child, also known as the Child Clause.

What do I do if I want my character to have a child / What's the Child Clause?
In the event that a character in Toro has or adopts a child as a direct result of RP occurring during their time within Toro, that child may be played on the same account as their parent until they are 16. If this RP occurs outside of Toro it must be approved by the Game Moderators. In cases of characters played under the Child Clause, the parent becomes the primary character on that account, while the child becomes the secondary character. After they turn 16, you must fill out and have an approved character profile for this child before playing them. They will then be migrated onto their own account! This also applies if you intend to have someone else play the child.

What do I do if I want to play as a pixelmon?

Playing as a pixelmon as a main character is not allowed according to rule 2.3! You can and are encouraged to roleplay your pixelmon out though! Pixelmon can talk to other pixelmon in their special language! To specify this put [PIX] before their speech. Only other Pixelmon can understand this.

Certain Pixelmon can learn to speak via vocally or telepathically though! Check this guide out here if you’re interested!

How do I use MPM/change my character model?
To use MPM you normally press the F12 button on your keyboard! For more information please look at the More Player Models Guide.

Misc. Information
Hey, OOC chat is interrupting my rp! How do I get rid of it?
If OOC chat is interrupting you or distracting you, you can easily remove it by doing /chat ignore channel ooc! It will stay on even if you log out, so it is suggested you turn it back on when you’re done.

Is there any place to anonymously put suggestions or say something?
Toro has a suggestion box here, you're more than welcome to leave out your username to keep it anonymous! It is better seen if you make a thread, or suggest it in the Discord though!

Can I help with lore / building / event stuff too?
Player input and suggestions are encouraged by the GMs, and if you want to help with lore you can fill out one of the forms in the appropriate thread in the Toro Region subforum! We suggest you speak to a GM as you work on the form though. If you wish to help with anything staff related such as applications, building, coordinating events, or more you can find the applications for different staff positions here here!

What do I do if someone is bothering me or not following rules?
If another player is bothering you or not following the rules you should take screenshots and speak to a GM or CM about it! We also suggest speaking to the player first though as they might not be doing it on purpose, but please do it calmly and politely!
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Temporary Housing

Until you get yourself a house, here’s a little information on what temporary housing Toro has to offer!

Government Housing

For the first three or so weeks your character is in Toro, or until your character get a home or job, your character can be provided a temporary apartment from the government. If you want this please contact a GM to help you set one up!

Pixelmon Centers

Every Pixelmon Center should feature some sort of room for your character to sleep in temporarily. It does not have storages, but it’s at least some place for you character to lie down at night!

(Cheap) Hotels

Cobalt's Beachside Bed & Breakfast has rooms with storage, as well as has food that you can eat, for 250 pix a season. Contact the mayor Maggie LeGrand [Popette] or her assistant Jill Penn [shadowangely] for more information!

Carmine's Hotel offers rooms with storage for 100 pix a season, and has a place to buy pastries and coffee on the first floor. Contact the mayor of Carmine, Stanley Kiesin [Macecurb], if you are interested!

If you wish to find a permanent place to live I suggest you look at the Towns & Notable Locations thread! It has a list of all the Towns as well as what each has to offer, their mayors, and prices ranges for their homes!
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Hey! If you still have more questions or concerns, feel free to bring it up by posting a topic, PMing a staff member, or asking in game! There's a list of staff members and what they do here! I hope you enjoy the time you spend on Toro, and if you haven't applied yet, I wish you luck with your application!

Helpful & Important Links
Server Rules
Commands List
Towns & Notable Locations
Guide to Earning Money
Rolling: When, Why, How, Bonuses
Kampfkater's Guide to the 50s
Solrock Calendar Guide

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