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Review whitelist and accept whitelist apps! Help people fix their mistakes to get accepted!

Postby Skolarr » Tue May 30, 2017 7:38 am

Preferred Name: Skol or Skolarr
MC Username: Skolarr, SkolBusters
Age: 21
Time Zone: EST
Number of hours available: Anytime after 6pm EST to about 9am EST. Just keep in mind that after 10pm, I'll be on mobile for the rest of the night, since I'll be loafing about during the dead hours of my work shift.
How long you have been playing on Toro League: Hm...2 years, I believe? Yeck, I feel old.

Why do you want to join the Application Team?: I think at this point, I'm just trying to fill the holes in position that might need them. Plus, I'm already pretty adept with forum stuff, so I figured I'd take a whack at app team and see what happens, y'know?
Do you have any past experiences of any similar positions?: I guess you can call my current positions on PR and CM similar positions. They certainly aren't the same as App Team, but I think I can get used to it fairly quickly.
What can you bring to this team?: Another perspective on applications, as well as my thoughts and feelings on them. I can also take on a few apps myself if we happen to get a sudden surge of applicants, and the other App Team members are either occupied or not around to give the apps a timely response.
What is one weakness you have that might hinder your ability to work on this team?: Admittedly, I can over-analyze things and sometimes read too much into it. It's something I have been trying to work on and improve over the years, and I feel like its not as bad as problem as it was once before, but it's a problem that still persists...if that makes any sense.
How do we handle applicants under the age of 13?: Kindly and politely. You'll also want to ask them to get their parents permission to and have their parents email us saying that its A-Okay for their child to play and toro.
Anything else we need to know: I think this gif is nice. (And also accurately describes my life right now)
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