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--------Flyers all around Toro read as follows:----------------

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Do YOU find yourself with problems for which you have no easy solution? We here at RossTech are committed to helping everyday individuals find not only the best way to solve their problems, but the most fun way. Everything from security systems to inflatable pants- you need a solution, we'll dream it up and make it a reality. Because at RossTech, we're committed to a brighter future for everyone. All solutions sold for medical reasons are free of charge entirely, and for anything else, we're happy to take your financial circumstances into account and be generous in pricing.

Our everyday products include renowned home-security technologies, elevators, advanced electronics, toasters that
produce an image of your choice on the resulting toast, diving equipment, and our innovative
Drifblim Pants! But that's by no means an exhaustive list- we'll make anything and everything to solve your problems. Interested? Call [Number, i.e. you should actually just message MirroredPanda#6969 on Discord if you want to use the phone] or leave a letter in the order box outside the Cliffside House in Viridis) The order box location includes free catalogs, and custom solutions are, of course, available by consultation. We're here for you and your community, and are happy to work with you to find the right creation for you!

Please note: I will not make weapons or armor through my business. Do not ask. Thank you- Dionysus. No Drifblim are harmed in the making of Drifblim Pants, either, to be clear.

RossTech- Completely sane solutions for ordinary and extraordinary problems.
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