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To easily find the date, when you're in game you can use /torotime and it'll tell you. You can also find a spreadsheet containing time-related resources here!

Solrock Calendar

The Solrock calendar is an in-game calendar with the intention of helping to facilitate an RP setting. It is not necessary to follow it to the teeth however is promoted as game mechanics such as newspapers and wiki entries will be recorded using it.



In 24 hours, four RP days would have passed. That means one day is divided into quarters. Within each of those RP days, there should be three hours of daylight and three hours of night. You're not required to RP two hours of sleeping but encouraged to use that time to lengthen out your RP in that setting. Essentially, you can RP sleeping for the last 5 mins of moonlight and "fast forward" your slumber to morning.



Each week, starting on a Sunday, is a new season. With the RP days in mind, that means we have 28 RP days in a season or 7 RL days. There are no months in this calendar, only the conventional four seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter that have a equal time frame. Again, you don't have to follow it to the teeth, but written dates should be calculated by "Spring, 1st" (Season, Day).



One month is our RP year. Your character should grow a year older. The Solrock calendar calculates without regard to our solar calendar. We will always start the Solrock calendar on a Sunday. Above is only an example.
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