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MC Username: ShadexTheLight
Character Name: Shiv Warden
Character profile:
How long have you been RPing with us: Over a year now.
Name of Place of Business: The Moonshine
What type of Business: Another friggin' bar.
Employees (excluding owner) at the time of submission:
Pay - 5.000p/season for Matthew (To Mishakiara)

How much money seasonal do you want the GM’s to allow for your place of business to make: 7.000 pix a season. 5 of which goes to Matthew.
Why do you feel this is a reasonable amount? Please include support for your answer as the larger the amount it is then the better the reason should be!
All right, so here's my reasoning.
First of all, Shiv made sure to get fresh fruit from Viridis, and (In his opinion) the best drinks from the Staggering Spinda just like the other bars. Sadly it's in a terrible location in the slums. Shiv doesn't ever go there himself other then to hand Matthew the drinks and fruit, and it's completely run by Matthew.

A breakdown: 5k/s is going to Matthew, 2k/season is going to Shiv.

If there's any questions feel free to pm me as always ^,.,^

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Postby Rosy » Thu May 25, 2017 1:57 pm

Alight, this is fine. Sorry for the long delay, we've been planning the wiping of the IC-GM-Ms for a little while, and didn't want this one to get swept up. Please do your other venues when you can <3
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