5th Election Ballots

Postby Rosy » Sun Jul 23, 2017 1:13 pm

Hello hello!

In the spirit of our new election system, ballots will be done via a Google poll!

One ballot may be filled out per each current, primary character over the age of 16, as long as their player has been active during the week of campaigns. That's a pretty wordy definition, so let's talk about what that means.

"Current, Primary Character" simply means the main character on any account. For example, Sam Knighton is the primary character on my Minecraft account. Randal Cedar was formerly the primary character on that account, but he is no longer the current primary character. Similarly, Rahim Knighton - when he was a kid - was a secondary character attached to the Minecraft account. However, he was simply piggy backing on the account, not actually the character that account represents, if that makes sense. Basically, "one vote per whitelisted account with an approved character" is another way of putting that.

The character must be over 16 years of age ICly. That's pretty straight forward XD Know your character's age, if they aren't old enough, can't vote. We'll check CPs if we suspect otherwise~

Now. "player ... active during week of campaigns." This means that you were around long enough via some medium that you as a player would have enough knowledge about the campaigns to make a reasonable decision as to who each of your characters would vote for. Typically, this means that you have logged into the server for an extended period of time at least once during this week. However, being active in the Skype chats or the forums can also count if the GMs are reasonably certain that you have been involved enough to make a reasonable decision for your character. Or, you could have messaged a GM throughout the week and informed them you wouldn't be around, but would still like to vote.

So! If you and your character meets those qualifications, feel free to vote! If you have multiple primary characters, just click "Submit a new response" when you finish the ballot to vote for more characters.

I will end with one small reminder! Please consider each vote separately, especially if you have multiple accounts. Don't have your characters vote for the candidates you like, because that is technically meta-gaming. Plus, it makes voting a lot less fun when the elections are moved by who has the most accounts, rather than which character campaigned best. Remember: your characters have individual reasons for their actions, and shouldn't be determined by your preferences. For example, Sam and Jimmy's votes cancel each other out (though I won't specifically say who they voted for >w>). Each character gets one vote: one player doesn't get to vote multiple times. Thanks!

Ballots will be open until Sunday February 7, 2016 at 11:59:59 PM EST! Winners will be announced as soon as possible after that.

Lastly before I throw the link at y'all... If your character is not currently in Toro ICly, but meets those qualifications, they may ICly vote via a mail-in ballot, so don't worry about that!


Feel free to leave any questions, comments, or concerns as a reply to this post! Good luck to our candidates, and have a great day :D
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