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SignPictures is a mod that will allow you to put up pictures via links/signs, as well as let you see pictures others have put up! It is purely client-side, and due to a lack of proper permissions we shall be putting up our own rules. If you are caught breaking these you are not only ruining the experience for others, but you will be punished when we check the sign and see who placed it. I won't describe how to use it since there's info on the page, but if you need help or have problems just let me know.

  • Like with anything: Follow the rules of Toro! Nothing PG-13, etc.
  • No realistic pictures! They look very strange and out of place.
  • No using gifs!
  • Pictures need to be 1950s appropriate/keep the 50s aesthetic! Which means photos must be sepia/greyscale and is should have a fitting photo frame; fotor (recommended one) or Pixlr-o-matic can help add them!
    • If your picture is supposed to be a painting ICly I'd recommend adding a frame to make this clear! Fotor has a lot of good ones.
  • Try to keep things to the lore of Toro; so nothing that says 'Pokemon' or references real places too much.
  • Mostly use your common sense. No abusing it (making overly pictures, making it so the picture ends up in area you shouldn't be able to place it, etc.), avoid any pictures such as strange standing human figures (even if they aren't realistic), etc.

If you need help finding anything or making something appropriate feel free to ask!
You can download it at the link below. Make sure to follow the rules, but otherwise, have fun!

SignPictures CurseForge Page
Don't forget to download the 1.7.10 version!

Useful Notes
  • DON'T MESS WITH THE X OFFSET, or be careful when you do. There is a glitch that occurs very frequently where if you mess with it once it'll just keep multiplying until you restart the client.
  • If you only adjust the width/height it'll keep to the ratio automatically, but you might have to adjust the Y value if you want it centered.
  • You can make the ratio & offsets less than a block! You can type it in yourself or...
    • Shift and clicking the area adds/lowers it by .1
    • Ctrl and clicking the arrows adds/lowers it by .01
  • Setting the Z to -.05 will put any posters and such against the wall.
  • Clicking View Sign on the top right will let you see any signs along with the picture.
  • If you see any floating semi-transparent signs, go to the SignPictures enu
  • If you want you can contact me or Rosy and we can make it where right-clicking the sign gives you a link to the image / a description! Just in case players don't have SignPictures and are unable to see it.

Recommended Size
    Small Posters: H: 0.9 | Y: .05
    Medium Posters: H: 1.25 | Y: -0.1
    Photos: W: 0.5| Y: 0.25
    Of course, play with it however you want to make it better fit your specific picture! These are just a few measurements I've used that seem to be good. If you find any other measurements that seem to work out well just let me know!

Good Examples
Spoiler: show
A cafe menu!
A hanging photo.
Travel Posters
A fancy wall mirror! [Take note of the border; it's pixel which fits in MC and is not hyper realistic™]

Bad Examples
Spoiler: show
Hyper realistic™
Everything is wrong with these pictures. everything

Anyway, if you have any questions or problem with the mod or any pictures just let us know~
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