Do real animals exist in this world?

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I’ve heard this asked a few times, and I figure it’s finally time to clarify what does and does not exist in our world. As a general rule, assume that no real animal as big or bigger than a cat exists in the world of Toro League. That means no dogs, no horses, no cats, and no Indian Elephants. Instead, “dog” or “cat” are terms to collectively refer to dog or cat-like pokemon. This is a world where mammals did not evolve to be a dominant species on the planet. Globally, they are simply outcompeted by pokemon, just like how the dinosaurs could outcompete mammals at one point in our own history.

However, many animals from our world do exist in the world of Toro. For example, the world is filled with insects we recognize, as well as small amphibians like frogs, small reptiles like lizards, small mammals like mice (though Rattata are far more common), fish, and birds.

So what do we eat? When it comes to eating meat and using animals products, expect pretty much all of it to come from pokemon. In words like fried chicken, “chicken” is possibly slang for whatever bird pixelmon is being eaten instead. I’d say Farfetch’d is probably the most common, because the idea of eating a Torchic makes me sad.

As for the eggs that we eat, they come from Chanseys. The eggs in their pouch aren’t actually eggs. They are some type of egg-like shelled casing of nutrients, and Chansey lay actual eggs separate from this. While eating pokemon eggs isn’t illegal, it is likely very taboo. Most would see it as a big no-no.

Wait, so if mammals never really got anywhere, what about humans?
That’s definitely a very interesting question. On one hand, humans give birth to live young. The vast majority of pokemon (with a few exceptions for the stranger ones) lay eggs. This means humans are not necessarily pokemon, but we also want to try to adhere to Pokemon lore that humans evolved from Pokemon. So where did the humans come from? Are they mammals? Well, not exactly, because mammals didn’t get very far. Our explanation in the world of Toro-League is that humans are neither mammals nor pokemon. A long, long, long time ago, some early mammals could successfully mate with some early pokemon, and interbreeding between the two possibly happened relatively often. The result was a hybrid that was like its parents, but unlike them. By some stroke of genetic luck, these hybrids were not infertile. Over time, more mammal-pokemon hybrid species appeared. The species evolved and less successful species were pruned just like any other. The result of millions of years of evolution eventually turned out to be humans, which are now their own species, the last of the mammal-like pokemon—not mammal or pokemon, just Human. They had live births and produced milk from mammary glands like mammals, but retained some of their pokemon-like durability and ability to connect with other pokemon. They likely had powers at some point too. However, as their brains grew, their languages became more complex, and their hunter-gatherer societies grew larger and agrarian, they no longer needed their powers, and so outgrew them.

For any further questions on this topic, ask a member of the Lore Team!
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