Leon's ICGM Application

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Postby jcbeno » Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:57 pm

MC Username: Notjcbeno
Character Name: Leon Grayson
How long have you been RPing with us? On and off for a total of 3 years.

What action does your character want to take?
Aura abilities.

What actions to you want the GMs to take?
Allow me to rp Leon as being able to sense pixelmons power by their aura along with sensing altering minor emotions, such as improving someones mood if they are crying.

How has your character (and to a lesser extent, you) prepared for this?
Jacob has spoke to Leon once he saw his Lucario taking an extra liking to the child. Due to his larger aura reserve, so with Jacob's research and his Lucario, he tries to teach his child how to control it slightly better.

Why do you want your character to take these actions?
Because trying something new is fun, plus it will allow for a lot of interesting role playing. Plus his father and partner is a large influence to his decisions.

Anything else pertinent to your request?
Not really
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